Stuck In The Middle Of Love

          Up until a few months ago i have been in a 6yr relationship with my girlfriend maria. I am going to take us back to the day when this crazy mess started. Maria and I have been together for 5yrs, yes like everyone else we have had are share of problem.  We woek at the same job, live together and none of this has ever affected or relationship. I have ben accused of messing around and was honest and never did. Well, the madness starts when a girl named julie starts working at our job. Julie and i must have made a connection some how. It was crazy, julie knew i had a girlfriend but I guess it didnt matter. If you see something you like then go for it, right(wrong). Julie invited us to a party, we went maria got drunk and we go into a huge fight because she decides to punch me in the face while I am driving. Hmm, wrong thing to do to someone like me who come from an abusive past. I  was wrong to have hit her back because that just made me as bad as she was being. I never have understood why she hit me besides she was just drunk and stupid.  Life goes on and julie and I have started sneaking around seeing each other. We get closer and closer each day. Julie i forgot to mention had a girlfriend too but she was in the process of moving out. Well, maria and I end up breaking up. I continue to see julie. This whole thing has seemed to go on and on and on. To make a long story short both of the women know about each other and we have all been sitting and waiting to see who was making a move first. If i make a move to julie maria tugs me with guilt and if I make a move to Maria, julie she tugs me with guilt. Dam, so I have to decide what to do. They both have my heart but only one I can truely give my love to.

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3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

to be honest it sounds like both of them shouldnt be with u. But if you truly love one of them you should be with them. look all u have to think is...which one do you see yourself with and your heart belongs to them. you've been with maria for a long time and do you really want to end it because of a fight

Thanks and i do beleive i have to just go on my own!!!

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If you truely love Maria - then be with her, she has a home with you and a history, you should look deep into your heart and see if its right for you. If you feel that there is no saving the relationship that you have with Maria, then go on your own - dont go to Julie - take time to be alone and decide what you really need and who you really want. <br />
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Its never an easy decision <br />
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Good luck