Possibly Genderqueer?

How does one know if they are transgender or genderqueer? Are their strict definitions for these terms or are they generalizations? I identify as a woman and I was born female but sometimes I have this strong desire to know what it's like to live in a male body. I don't feel like I was born the wrong sex or anything I just wish that I had the capability to be a male for a few days here and there. Maybe that sounds completely odd. I don't know. Sometimes I wear men's clothes and sometimes I walk around with my "toy" in my underwear. It's like some days I feel masculine and some days I feel feminine. And ever since I've been old enough to know what sex is I've had this reoccurring dream every once in a while where I'm a man having sex with women and the feeling is so real that when I wake up I'm sort of confused and have to take a few moments to bring myself back into reality. So I guess with all of that I could possibly consider myself genderqueer. I don't know though.
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sorry for being pretty late to comment on this.<br />
basically you can define yourself however you see fit. i really just believe that genders shouldn't be as cut and dry as society tries to make them, because we as people really aren't that way. identity and gender and all that are more fluid and abstract than this or that.