It's Time People Spoke Out About Being Accepting of Transgenders

so I was talking with my friend, who is transgender and she said "we just don't have many people defending us. i feel like sometimes... why should anyone defend us? most people don't know any of us, we don't have any effect on their lives... they can just blow us off and never feel a thing"

I know there are people out there like me, though, who may not actually be transgender or genderqueer, but who care about those people, want them to be treated with respect, and want the world to know that we support them. They are people too!
Transgenders are one of the most hated groups in society. It's time we speak out and say we accept transgender people, and it is not ok to hate on them.
so, I really hope a lot of people join this.

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Me and my friend are both transitioning from ftm and we've noticed that a lot of people hate on trans and were hoping to change that in our school 😸

I know a couple pf transgender people and they are just great. I just have trouble with the word genderqueer. what does that mean? i thought queer was a rude word to describe gays and lesbians. i think no one should be discriminated against and we should treat others the way we want to be treated. By the way, I'm going to be a non denominational ordained minister in June

You say: "...transgender or genderqueer ... are people too".
I say, "Hear hear! They are indeed!" ... its akin to being bullied for having freckles (or any other feature that people think is strange), to disrespect these people because of a peculiarity of their bodies. They came into embodiment... and that was the body they were given... There must be a reason why they were saddled with that additional difficulty to bear - as if ordinary life were not enough to handle on its own! So lets give them every encouragement and respect we can! They are people too!

I agree, we should speak out about accepting people for who they are. I may not be transgender/genderqueer but having two friends who is transgender I see how much they go through with, even when one is seventeen and the other is twenty five and going through hormone treatments. No one seems to accept them for who they are because they are mentally another gender than the body they where born into. No one seems to understand that they are people just like us. No one should ever face the crap that they have to face everyday. I just wish that more people would take a stand to stop the discrimination against these people.

I am one of these people who support transgenders! I am happy to support them because they apriciate it and we feel we have done a good feed, which we have! :D

I meant deed, lol! :)

Thank you for your support. Feel free to add me as a friend.

I agree I have been wanting to become a girl for awhile and people hate for being that way

It is time people were more Proactive about showing support for the Trans community, it is so very isolating for those transitioning to feel that family, friends, and just people walking by think they have a right to comment or challenge this vital part of a persons development.<br />
I have spent over twenty years working as a professional Dominatrix and had the wonderful good fortune to be born the woman I adore being, yet also I have in the past been treated with distaste and out right rejection by the local community, times were the only support i had as a human being with a right to exist came from my Transgender friends, we became family to each other, and found many similarities existed in our desire to be accepted as people, rather than marginalized into an apologetic existence by those who had no right to condemn us.<br />
Although now I no longer work professionally I have maintained an open house attitude towards any one who wishes to seek refuge from the down right bizarre hypocritical attitudes of supposedly "Normal" society , it saddens me how very much my attitude is needed, and I wish more would open up there lives to others who only seek to be Themselves.<br />
Only last week I arrived at a party and when asked why I was wearing a wig ( it was long and stunningly auburn) I announced I was an Honorary Transgender woman for the night, that got them thinking !!! and made a heck of a style statement too.<br />
Its time we made it easier to wear a dress and a wig, I say women should show some love to our trans sisters and wear a wig and heels,out in public, we'd all look a little more beautiful for it, and our sisters under the skin would see we all stumble at first, but with practice we can all develop our woman with in.

Luv " honorary trans"/ creative n cool!

I hope we are not most hated of all. This would be sad for me. I have not experienced this hatred that you speak of but I do not present as a Transsexual so maybe they do not know. As far as meeting others that know before I meet them, it is short time before they grow to enjoy my company I think. We have to win them over one at a time like everyone else. I experienced more problems as a child because children in general possess not the empathy to accept differences in others but as an adult I do better. <br />
I think that for TS women who start their transitions late in their life, this is huge problem because people become afraid to ask about them. People are uncomfortable to wonder about their sexuality. TS women will do much better to just be open and approachable with others. Instead of making others wonder about them, begin the dialogue with someone who appears to be inquisitive. We are all human and with humanity comes these crazy idiosyncrasies that can cripple our ability to do or say right things sometimes. For those of us who challenge the gender model, we have to be willing to also challenge the humanity that forces others to place everyone in bins to match. <br />
We are not same, but we are same. And those others who do our judging also have their own insecurities that make them feel alone from others too. Only you cannot see their insecurities because they are not broadcasted with a Dolly wig and stilettos. <br />
Learning to connect at the level of equality among others is the key. Be open and friendly, initiate the conversations, allow them their opportunity to judge you as they will anyway then win them over with your wit and personality. If you focus on what is their best quality, so shall they you.

You are so wise!!!!!

i wanna meet some polka dotted people!

i am ready to join and ready to speakout.i am a cd and i am very happy with it and want to live like a woman full time one day i hope soon.

Go for it!!!!! You deserve to live true!!!!

I totally support transgenders. In fact, there was a very long time where I wanted to be taught how to act like a lady by a transgendered male. The ones I know are so good at it. Heck, even now, I look at them and model myself after them. They think it's funny that a woman looks to them to know how to act, when apparently, they've been looking to me for the same reason.