Re: Transgenders and Genderqueers

Those people are still people. They are no different  than we are.


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i need help im to transition but im stuck and feel like my friends will leave me if i do became a girl


You are welcome. I do mean what I wrote.

you are right they are the same they have the same fears as anyone else<br />
i know i fell in love with one even rarer and we married at 13<br />
i know the fears the pain of being put down by others all her life till we became friends even they i leanred about the fear i would reject her<br />
<br />
i learned about the fears of her mother and grandparents as she grew up i know the fear when it was decide i need to know the truth i have told of the happiness she i was told the truth and i just took her hand we we all head out to go shopping beofre the big trip<br />
<br />
i know the fear when her mother made no attemp to change how we had been sleeping with each other the past year when i thought she was just a different type of boy<br />
<br />
i know the fear when on the way home from the doctos office after the last beating at my home that she looked at house and said we had to do something about how we were sleeping now i was living there full time and i knew my friend was ready to cry as she said we need to go get a full size bed and get rid of that youth bed we had been sleeping on<br />
she was so small <br />
sense shegave her life in viet nam

You welcome Josie. No problem.

Thank you for being open minded and non-judgmental.

I'm sorry

cds or what ever the person is they are still people and have feelings and hearts too.i am a cd and i have a lot of people that hate me and judge me all the time.


you welcome

I'm glad some people are joining. Thanks!