I dated a FTM guy for almost two years.  That experience really made me think about gender and gender identity.  Anyway, I've become really vocal about my support for trans and GQ people.

At work they've started to ask me questions about transsexuality and different gender identities.  Generally I try to answer as honestly as possible- because I really think that things are changing.  It's taking a while, and it's gonna have to happen under the radar, but things will change.

If all of us that support T or GQ people speak out and start dialogue about this topic, we can expand acceptance or at least tolerance. 

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Every person is different, we are all "made" from the same ingredients, just different measurings of "Stuff". We are all human. So what gives the right of a particular group to judge all others by their "Standards"? Enjoy who you are, too many people deny themselves.

It is so wonderful to hear you say that. For so long that has not been the case.

yes yes i love that is what i call a real great call.i am a crossdresser and i love it,this is what makes me so very happy and joyfull.i wish it would change right now this mint.but i know it wont.i am still hopping one day we all cds and others can be free and happy.