Coming Out!

I have felt different since a very young age. My mother indulges my femininity while my father is repulsed by it. I try very hard to keep it inside and not make my father upset but I'm 16 now and I'm so tired of hiding, especially since everyone knows anyway. I told my mother that I am gay and transexual and that I am not being secret anymore. I am sorry to offend but my mental health is important. Get over it. Does anyone think it's easy to be me? My conservative Japanese father will barely look at me now. It's sad yes, but I am so liberated to wear my skirts and makeup in public now. I hope he gets over it soon.
Tadashiuke Tadashiuke
18-21, T
5 Responses May 1, 2012

It is difficult as I am gay and genderqueer. I definetly would like to go through hair removal and possibly breast augmentation. Your father's conservative ways may have taught him there are roles to the way a person is born and it is difficult for him to figure out how he fits in.

It is hard to come to terms with and harer for other to accept, but when it starts to work it is just the best way of living life, trust me I have been trans a long time.<br />
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Wish you all the luck in the world<br />
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Good for you!!!!! Stay strong!!!!!

See my mum just sweeps it uder the rug..and tells me im not im a man in a womans body...i was wondering do you have fb? or want to chat somtime..i myself have the same issues, but i dont rely have anyone else like me to talk to.

I know its got to be hard, but eventually they will understand and will love you. Parents love their kids no matter what. My Fiancee is TG as well so I am around all that he has to go through.