There Is Nothing. . .

There is nothing more beautiful to me than a person that knows their self! If you where born a man and your are a woman, change it and feel whole, a biological woman and is a man change it. Conform to your true self and experience your amazing true self. Im not saying surgery because god nows most people dont have that kind of money to just spend! Im saying hey girl, yeah you with the penis, go put on a dress and feel that breeze. Hey man, whip out your vagina and **** like the man you are (if you can direct you clitoris in the right area). Do what you need to do to feel like YOU! I support transgender people. Your are inspiring and fierce. Keep doing what your doing.
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1 Response May 18, 2012

Hey friend. I complely agree. I am male and comfortable with that but yeah. You should do whatever you wanna do whatever makes you happy. I feel it shows ones strength to show you are different. Express your individuality or don't if you wish. Well ramble over support to all transgenders.