I Am Bisexual, But I Haven't Told Anyone.

I've know ever since I was 12 years old that I've been attracted to both guys and girls, but I've never told my family or friends because I'm afraid to, I don't think they would accept me afterwards, they'll treat me like I have a disease. Most of my friends are Christians and think that if you're gay or bisexual you need help, that there's something wrong with you, and my parents wouldn't accept me either, I was talking to my dad and he said that my brother's ex was disgusting because she was gay, but she's bisexual and I told him that he said if you're bisexual you're still gay and that it's wrong, but his cousin's gay and I reminded him of that he said it's different because he's family and I asked him what he would do if me or my brother was gay or bisexual and he said he didn't want us to be that it was ok for his cousin but not for his children which is very hypercritical, so I told him that and he said that he couldn't control his cousin because he's not his child, but he could control his children, which made me feel very hurt, and uncomfortable.
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I am so sorry to hear that. I am also a closeted bisexual but am 23 years old. My mother has actually said that she would be hurt if one of her kids were gay. I have told no one I'm bisexual but have considered telling one friend. Do you have maybe one person you can tell? A friend? a teacher? maybe even your dad's cousin? Either way there is nothing wrong with being bisexual and I want you to know that you are not alone!

I too understand, I am 56 yrs old and affraid to come out to my family. They are mostly very religious and judgemental. I have tried to just live with it but again feel so trapped. I am on my 2nd wife, we have been married 22 yrs and I still can't tell her for the same reason. Why do religious people believe it is ok to judge others. I have lived a miserable life for years to keep my secret. I think my oldest son suspects it but has never said. I know his wife is bi also and he accepts that ok. I told one of my brothers and he seemed to be ok with it but I haven't heard from him in awhile now so I don't know. I still want to come out! I think I would have to leave my wife to do it though.

I've been in your exact shoes. <br />
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In my case, he made remarks about how nasty gays were and such. The comments continued until adulthood, where my mother (who was pissed off about something I did at the time) told him that I was bisexual and that I had been dating boys. She did this just out of spite. <br />
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I didn't go home for months, not even to visit, and was very nervous about meeting my father. <br />
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We haven't spoken about it, but he has since ceased the comments and he has been more affectionate with me, more tolerant of non-straight people, and has also told me "I love you no matter what, you're my boy and you always be" -- and that's something he's never said before -- and he said it in a tone indicative of him knowing that I was bisexual. <br />
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In my experience, I've found that no matter what a parent thinks or says, their first instinct will be to protect and support their child. It's not true in every case with every person, but most of the time a parent would jump in front of a speeding train for their child. I've always been closeted, and I never talk about boys in front of my dad, but I know he does catch my glances [at other boys] sometimes. We never talk about it, but just the fact that we never talk about it doesn't mean that he doesn't love me anyway. Your mileage may vary, but nonetheless, I hope everything works out for you.

I totally relate to your story, thank you. I'm over 30 and I'm still scared to come out as bisexual. Mostly because of family and work....and I have a 7 yr old daughter. I don't know when or how i'll come out, but I know I must.

It makes me cry when people have the same life story as me :(

I know how you feel, my family wouldnt be ok with knowing I like women so I keep it to myself. I cant even tell my best friend. Its why people have double lives.

Thank you, to both of you. ^_^

If I were you I wouldn't tell anybody that I'm bi especially that you know how they are gonna react in advance!!!<br />
I had one relationship with a girl, but I still interested in guyz, I don't think of myself as bi!<br />
Or I really don't know 4 sure!! I even don't how to figure out If I'm bi or not??!!! but what I'm sure about it that I will never share my feelings about this girl with anybody, because I know that they won’t accept it so no need to put pressure on yourself just live your life the way you want to live it. No one needs to know about it, everyone in this world has secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!