"You choose to be Gay"

Do the people who claim this; realize that they are actually implying that, Everyone has homosexual feeling just some CHOOSE to act on them. So when they say that they are implying they, too, are at least bisexual. And therefore, are sinners and should also be sent to hell... Idiots. I think a more appropriate phrase would you I CHOOSE not to give a sh*t what you think so i will be who "God" made me. The reality of this is that, we do not choose whom we love or are attracted to. But, we do however, choose what we believe in. So, ya, We choose to be gay like we choose out race... Not like we choose our religious beliefs that teach hate. It's all peace n equality... Unless you're gay. So in reality you do not TRULEY believe in peace and human rights unless you believe in it for all. Or you don't at all.
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2 Responses Nov 21, 2012

So what if being Gay is a choice As long as your realtionship is loving and supportive who in there right mind would be concerned . Yes I also believe most folks are bisexual and yeah those anti gay hangups are a video billboard for how ignorant they are ..Also studies have shown that gay parents do not cause any more damage then hetro parents do. Well it is amazing all those woried about the damage Gay parents might inflict ignore all the documented damage poverty actually does inflict !!

true. no one is perfect in this world .so they should open their eyes & keep their mouths shut.