First Step In Coming Out Gone Awry

No one knows that I like girls yet, but I decided to try to take the first step today in hinting it to my mom. We went to a jewelry stand at a flea market today and there was a section filled with what looked like rainbow bracelets. I made a big deal about wanting one and I told my mom that it was important that I get it. I thought that she might make the connection between me desperately needing a rainbow bracelet and gay pride. She ended up buying me the darn thing, but gave me a worried look. When we got home, she told me that we needed to talk and I prepared myself for her questions about the bracelet. I was ready to come clean and tell my mom I liked girls. She did ask me why I wanted the bracelet so badly, but when I looked down I realized that it wasn't just a rainbow bracelet, but a colorful bracelet with the symbol for weed on it. Now my mom just thinks I do pot. :( After finally convincing her (I hope) that I do not do drugs I think I have lost all my nerve in actually coming out.
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I actually finally told my mom tonight. It was kind of anticlimactic. When I told her that I had a crush on one of my friends, she told me she already knew. Then when I told her that I was a lesbian she just started listing all of these reasons why she didn't think I actually liked girls and why "what I'm going through is just a phase". She told me she'd accept me no matter what, but she seemed like she was trying to convince me that I'm straight.

Sorry your coming out attempt didn't go too well. I totally understand. I tried hinting to my parents about my sexuality but they just don't get it. I even changed my screensaver on my computer to the rainbow pride flag and they still haven't made the connection. Hopefully your next attempt will turn out for the better

I'm sorry you're attempt ended up not working out as you planned. The upside is that in a few years, you will find this story hilarious. Anyway, kudos for giving it a try, it's something I don't have the courage for.

awww. Lol you have to admit it was a little funny. I haven't come out to anyone either, but I kinda fell like I wont until I have sex with a girl.

I guess so lol. I'll probably just end up waiting until I go to college next year to come out.

wait till you're ready because I know I am not ready yet.