In The Closet At 17

Well I'm a closeted bisexual teenage girl. A few of my friends know, just the ones I'm closest to, their very understandingand open, probably because majority of them aren't straight... But unfortunately I had to move now in my circle of friends there's only one person who knows, which sucks a bit because I don't have many people to gush about how cute or hot that one girl is. My parents also don't know, funny thing is I'm trying to hid the fact that I'm bi, while my parents think I'm secretly a lesbian. But seriously my parents are weird they keep sending me mixed signals! One minutes they're like it's your life you can be who you want, the next their like if you say your a lesbian we'll kick you out. I don't know if I
should tell them or wait a few months till I graduate, and move out. I just want to be me.
Prettycure Prettycure
18-21, F
Dec 30, 2012