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Even Admitting On Here Scares Me In Case I'm Found Out

It's sad but somewhat comforting to see so many people on here in the same boat as I am...unable to say who we truly are! My mother always spoke of disgust at Gays/Bisexuals...anyone who in her eyes wasn't 'normal'. So I have chosen to hide who I am for all these years. I'm scared to tell friends as my age group views things very differently to the younger age group of today (unfortunately). I'd love to stand up and say 'Yes I am attracted to both sexes! Who I fall for doesn't matter to me if they are male or female I just fall for them.' But I know I can't do it! My children know. But that's it! One of my children is also Bisexual and doesn't care who knows. Another is also Bisexual but keeps quiet like I do. It's so unfair in this day and age that we can't be who we are! :(
Inapickle45 Inapickle45 46-50, F 4 Responses Jan 1, 2013

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Yes, this rings true with me, too! I've been bi since my earliest memory. My only confidant for years was a female cousin, who was also bi. In our extended family we were the only ones...or least that we could tell. I fought the urges, but lose my resolve and succumbed to others like me. Luckily, I now have a bisexual GF with whom I can be myself. I hope you can find a discrete companion, who you can share these feelings!

I left my homophobic country at 18 and moved to new york city. Even here in nyc I was beaten, along with my woman by a man who had a problem with my being alive, I guess. In the closet I'm not. It's a place that doesnr work for me. You don't sound too young. Why can't you come out? Because your mother has some middle-aged notion of homosexuality? My mother did, too. I set her straight. Go for it!

To take a quote from they broadway production of "hair"
I wish every mom and dad would make a speech to their teenagers and say kids, be free, be whatever you are, do whatever you want to do.
Just so long as you don't hurt anyone. and remember kids, I am your friend.