People forget that I am even in the room sometimes. I would talk and people would cut me off because they would forget I was there. Its funny when people are like did you hear some story and I would be like I told you that and they would be like oh yeah. That makes me so mad. I'm forgettable.
Darkfarey Darkfarey
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lol. Well your welcome.

aww thanks..i guess i am not here.but out of here i am.. thanks though.

Yeah I know the feeling as well... But you are not easily forgettable in my book cause your the only person on here that I talk to or read comments from! lol

I know the feeling. It is great to go to a group that is into a great conversation and soon after you show up, they break up. I am not only invisiable but can end almost any converstation just by standing near by. And I hate when people are talking about who is there and they say "oh ya and parker too." as if I just showed up out of the nothingness.

What really bugs me is when I'm at a party or something and I've been ignored by people all night, even my friends, and when I decide to leave, they suddenly act like "No. Don't go, the night's just getting started." OK, well it's pretty much over for me as no one has said 3 words to me all night and now they feel guilty for ignoring me.

Yeah that's how I feel. Its like they just wanted someone to talk to till someone else comes along. That happen at my job sometimes and it ****** me off when they don't hear me out and when there plan fails and they come back then some what listen.

Yup, I know how you feel. The few times I'm in a social gathering, anyone I'm talking to suddenly notices someone more 'interesting' and kind of sidles up to them, cutting the conversation short and leaving me there feeling "OK, why am I here. Would anyone really care or notice if I went?". Maybe I need to wear more funny hats or something.