So there's been this girl 4 abt lik 3 years.. The 1st year I met her me and her really clicked and we both liked each other. But me being a dummy I went out with another girl. Then the following year I was finally single and turns out she liked me still and I also had feelings for her. So then her friend comes along and then I start liking her best friend. And I dated her friend. And it really hurt her she didn't talk 2 me 4 abt like a week or so. And then over this summer I was single and I tried telling her that I always liked her. But all I got was ur a really good friend cuz I've always been there 4 here even when I was dating other girls. Cuz she would date other guys 2. And now there's nothing I think she's done with me :( it sucks cuz lik I think I might love her ...
Joe2324 Joe2324
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2014

ahh man that friendzone... painfull and ******... i tip my hat to you lol good luck sir

all i got to say is try to have a serious talk with her maybe?