I don't know if I am or not friendzoned. There is this woman we met online and become friends. We met personally too. We met every week , I met her friends... She told me she broke up her ex in nocember and she is trying to recover. I think I like her ( she is my very first crush) I keep communicate with her and give her the time she needs to grief ( I think she needs a friend now) but I also want to know if she is in to me or not. I can be very paitent person that I do not let myself feel at all ( not inside) & make myself frienzoned. Also I think I'd like to be more than friends with her. Meh !!!
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2 Responses Apr 18, 2014

Ur more than friends

How do you know that?

U love her.. for those that i have read

I am more than friend but the big question is what about her :) Love is a strong word by the way. :)

Ur not into men?