It has never hurt this bad before. All he does is come to me and ask me for advice to date another girl and I understand that I am taken but I wanted to be with him so bad that I almost broke up with my current boyfriend. So before I did that I told this other guy how I felt about him and how much I like him after not being able to take it anymore. I couldn't listen to him talk about the other girl and when I tell him the only thing he had to tell me was "I'm really sorry, but I don't think about you like that. You will always be my best friend though."

That honestly really hurt me. I really thought he did like me because between the lines he flirted with me and everything and he always came up to where I worked and goofed around for a while almost everyday. But I guess he will always just think of me as a friend. and it really hurt this time.
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i say, take every single girl in the world and send'em all to the Sun (take all the guys to if ya want, dont kill me tho D:, and ur friend of course) so u can be the only 2 in the world. thn be like "welp, looks like we gotta uh, repopulate the Earth :D" he'll be like "oh ****, u right lets do dis!" and thn the 2 of u make cute lookin battlefighter babies! ^_^

This is the greatest thing I have ever heard!

Damn, the friendzone is strong. No need to worry, most guys like that figure out that they missed out on an amazing person. I promise you, you may have saved yourself from a lot of worse heartache. Idk what it is, but when two best friends date the breakup is worse than if you were to date someone who wasn't your best friend. They may not be what you wanted to hear, but if you two had gone out and it something happened that caused it to end, the broken heart you would have felt would be 10x worse than him friend zoning you.