here it goes... i am in a basketball club and i have a lot of friends. i was closer with "x". in the holidays x and i kept snapchatting each other a lot and we were becoming really close. but then he just turned into a son lf a *****.. he saw but didnt answer my messages and was very bad to me.. and then it just became worse. he was always insulting me and he made me feel like absolute ****. i kept sucking it in. oh and he also bragged about all the girls he got but he also treated them like ****. then i started talking to one of his friends ("y"). y liked him, even though se was poorly treated by him.. i stayed up until 4 am chatting with her and being nice to her.. but she still liked him.. she was getting sad because me and x weren't getting along so i decided to make peace with x, not because i wanted to be friends with him, but because i noticed she was upset about it.. i sent him a huge text by chat and he agreed with me. later in the week he sent me a message saying hi and right after he said it wasn't for me and then he started sending likes.. he continues to be an sob after all i said.. he does nothing for y but she still likes x.. y doesnt seem to notice my effort..
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Move on...... A girl like that isn't trustworthy bro.

So you're a male and you like a guy? Maybe he's not interested coz he's into girls?

haha you got it wrong.. i like her