Theres this girl ive known since 4th grade, im in 10th now. We are extremely close and i love her but i dont know if she likes me. she says she wants to be friends which she said last year but she has acted wayyy different like she likes me. I think she does but dont know if she does... i dont know what to do. weve been to a few dances and im planning on taking her to prom, and i realllyyy want to be with her. how do i escape the friendzone?
alexteagle alexteagle
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1 Response Sep 2, 2014

I'm sorry for you , sometimes there is no escape (sounds like a movie plot) but that doesn't stop you from going to prom with her! Ask her about it, and if she really thinks you are friends then voila, a prom date. But remember, not all relationships have to be boyfriend and girlfriend