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Bad Girls Notice And Look!

There he was in the hot tub.
For some reason that day It was all misty at the pool and the vapors where floating around and giving such a sexy outline to his form. We were in the YMCA pool doing water aerobics. Just to look at all this would drive any sensual woman nuts. The others were just splashing around and not noticing anything. I caught the eye of the instructor, a very athletic aware individual. She was going crazy, her eyes were riveted on him and she saw me looking. We both opened our eyes wider and grinned from ear to ear. She made a tasting noise with her mouth and licked her finger. He started stretching and showing his body off in such an innocent way. Dear me, I was going to pass out and the instructor started laughing and opening her eyes wider. Laughing over took me and we could not look away--what an elegant sight of a man. No way was I going to do anything but look at this wonderful specimen. The instructor kept going and looking. He then got out of the hot tub and went back to the men's locker room. What a sight to see in the morning. No one else even noticed!! The two of us did because we were the bad girls. LOL
flyingstone flyingstone 61-65, F 12 Responses Jul 11, 2011

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A little eye candy huh?

Ha, ha, ha. There is something about some people, the way they carry themselves, the way they smile, the way their eyes light up. They don't even have to be particularly good looking. There is a chemistry that flows between us. And I am their captive. Thankfully, they don't know it. Or maybe they do..........

Thank Heaven for bad girls :)

Bad girls like people in general and appreciate all things beautiful--that includes the beauty of the human body as a work of art and love.

I absolutely agree.
Its much better to look for the beauty in life than to never notice because you are too busy or too pre-occupied or too worried it might be politically incorrect.

I thought you were talking about me in that hot tub, but then I noticed you didn't say anything about a pizza gut, chicken legs or my rodent-like chin. So it could have been some other hunk.

It is nice to know you still have eyes so you can see. No, it was not a vision because two of you saw the same thing. Perhaps it was a good thing the two of you were standing in a pool so no one noticed.


Mens sana in corpore sano (a sound mind in a healthy body). You've got to exercise both. LOL <br />
<br />
Reminds of the time my wife, grown daughter and sister-in-law watched from our river cabin porch a group of young farm workers help remove a neighbors stray cow from the other side of the river bank. They clapped when the guys took their shirt off.

Some visions are meant to be noticed!!

there are a lot of great things to study she did not say all was in a book. lol sounds to me like a leason well learn. glad you had this moment and there were more than one to know you both enjoyed it. hugs

A very wise statement!! This was a fun day for the two of us who noticed--this guy should of gotten a standing ovation as he left the pool area.

hmmm...and she (flyingstone) is always saying she is off studying....and now we know the real story...

Of course I am studying, I study many things LOL--besides one must stay healthy!

She's studying... anatomy!

What a great way to get your pulse going in the morning. I think I am heading over to the YMCA to join up now.

Exercise is a wonderful way to start the day --there are so many benefits!

Well I guess next time I can pause and give you a couple of flexes just to get you going.

Oh yes!! Warriorpoett's morning exercise for the ladies--it would be very popular.

Hee Hee--this is so much fun--Oh thank you for the first comment!!

Wow, i did not know you saw me! lmao....i wish!