The Butterfly Project: Revision

Ok so some of you (maybe) have read my story on the Butterfly project. I just wanted to review this really and give it some more recognition.
I discovered it a while back, as it was mentioned to me be an old friend. It really has helped me and I'm sure that it can help many others in a situation like mine.  Whenever i want to cut i guess drawing a butterfly, as well as not wanting to kill it, it's decent distraction. I have experimented with various different colours and designs of butterflies and my professional team soon picked up on the butterflies and the positive effect they had. They often gage how good/bad of a week i am having by the amount of butterflies drawn on my arms, wrists and hands. 

I started to keep a chart (really not necessary but it's me adapting the technique) I keep a tally of the amount of butterflies i save and kill. I feel seeing how many i have saved makes me more determined and like i have achieved something.. But equally if i have killed more, i feel guilty and want to do better. I owe a lot to the butterfly project. Yes i still self harm but it has reduced the amount i do. I Recommend this to any one who is struggling with self harming.

One day when i am feeling confident that self injury is behind me i hope to get a tattoo of a butterfly. I'm guess the obvious place would be on my wrist.. it would be a symbol of my achievement, and well i wouldn't be able to Cut again, because it's a permanent promise....

Luna xXx
LunaWolff LunaWolff
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4 Responses May 16, 2011

Awesome! so glad it helps! :D

It's an amzing idea!! And thanks to someone here on EP (it could have easily been you, LunaWolff, I don't remember the author of the story) wrote about the Butterfly Project so I googled it... I have my first butterfly still on my wrist (I draw over it when it starts to fade). It really helps :)

Yes i'm sure i will :) *starts to plan design* =P

Oh wow, what a beautiful idea. :) That is such a good picture of things, and how it feels too, to the ones who care about you (like me!) when you SI, its like you are slowly trying to kill a part of yourself, a butterfly, and is such a tragic thing....I am so happy to hear about this idea, good idea sharing it probably helps others too, I bet your designs are gorgeous, do you think you will design your own tattoo when you someday get one?