He could see the goodbye in her leaving eyes as soon as he woke up
She crept into the room,
Still smelling of dawn air.
Her skin was cold asleep in his room. She touched his face.
He was so naked, he didn’t know.

She wished it didn’t have to be this way.
She could feel him missing her touch.
She could feel him listening for her voice.
Tell me you love me one more time as we slowly fade away.

Just another mile to go.

He packed her things
Silence burdened her thoughts as he asked for answers.
They sat in the car wishing this wasn’t the only way out.

Tell me there’s another turn,
Tell me there’s somewhere to go.
His tired eyes say it all.
Tell me you’re not hurting.
Tell me I won’t regret this.

Tell me you love me, please one more time.

I can feel you missing my touch.
I can feel you listening for my voice.
Tell me I love you one more time.

Seventy-eight miles to go.

She sat in the car, eyes focused on the road trying to keep her composition.
He touched her hand,
She grabbed his face.
They knew it wasn’t over.

Only one more moment.
Please give me one more second to tell you how much you mean to me.
One more hour.
One more kiss.
One more anything before this has to end.

Mile one.

She turned up her street.
She knew this was it.
The red light seemed stuck- maybe it was just her luck.

Everything seemed too good to be true.
Somehow she knew.

She arrived at her house.
She said, you were right.
He touched her hair one last time.
Even when she walked away,
His eyes only knew how to love her.

She wanted to speak up, but knew it wasn’t right.
She sits at home. Is it really better being alone?

One mile away.
shamrock17 shamrock17
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2012