He Has The Court System In His Pocket....

I am a mother as well i just got a divorce March 23, 2011 but my ex husband has are 4 childern ages 10,7,5,2, we use to be a very close family, churxh going , involved in our community. i thought i had the best life anyone woman could have. until he started cheating on me after a last child was born Aug 2008. it was very hard to know and confornt him my mom (best friend) just died of cancer and he was getting any chance he could to be with this woman. well in oct 2009 i met someone else as well. but in feb 2010 when my ex found out he had me served with a protective order claiming i was beating him. i was served and removed from my mothers home that she left me in her will. my ex packed up and moved away for 8 months. When the protective order hearing came up in March and he didnt show instead of the judge throwing it ou,t he kept continuing the hearing which allowed my ex to stay gone for 8 months without me seeing my kids. i quit my job and searched for him. finally i found him i told him i wanted him back to come get me when he showed up that Sunday I had him served with a court date in September 2010 was the first time i got to see my kids he had are 10 year old daughter tell the judge i beat her and he ran for there safety. I lost i!!!t I cried my eyes out. he was giving joint custody with me having supervisied visits. I cant live like this, my kids are my world!! i feel like i have not lived since Feb 23, 2010. I have to pay him child support he got both homes, both cars, i got nothing. my kids hate me they dont even want to talk to me on the phone and when it is my weekend he will make excuses why i cant have them.
 Now he wants to move to Tennesse. We are from Louisiana and now he wants to move are kids to Tennesse. I cant afford an attorney anymore and with my daughter saying what she said legal aid wont help me. I dont know what to my ex tells me if i just come back everything will go away. ((oh he is an attorney and the small parish we lived in the judge is are next door neighbor)). but what I dont understand was what my ex wrote in the protective order was some bad stuff me punching my 10 year old daughter in the head, throwing christmas stuff at the baby why would child services not step in and investgate. I even called them myself they told me its a diivorce and a custody battle. I said." So, many woman or men finally get strong enough to help themselves when there away from the abuser." the lady on the other end was like "you must not have dont it if you want us involved." I have never been in trouble in my life but im treated like scum in the St. Landry Parish court system. I just want my ex and his family to atop using my kids against me like if there a toy. I dont know how much i can take.
My kids are so brain washed is horrible. i love my kids with all my heart.. Whem i talk to my 2 year old daughter she says" hi mommy i want you to come and get me!" i think to myself was a unhappy marriage worth all this i dont know what to do. My boyfriend i met in 2009 has stuck by me through all this i feel lucky to have him but also very empty inside.

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I know exactly how you feel, I'm in the same situation. do you have an update? you posted this a year ago