My Ex Refused To Give My Son Back

I left my ex when my son was 1yr old he is now 4.  We had a mutual aggreement of my ex to see his son every second weekend, that worked for roughly 1yr.  I left him due to emotional abuse which took me 7yrs to realise that it was happening and he continued to do so even after we split with threats of taking him off me.  My son was 3yrs when my ex had him for visitation and never gave him back, he would never answer his phone.  So cause there is no custody i went to his daycare and took him from there and seeked legal advise while i was in the process of legal help he came around to my house without notice and took my son out of my arms in the front yard and drove away, there was nothing i could do.  Because it was coming up to christmas my appointment wasnt going to be till after the new year with my laywer, now my son was with him again and wouldnt let me see him but agreed to let me have him for the night on christmas day, he told me that he would drop him off to my sisters at a certain time.  I rang that morning to confirm that he was still coming and he said yes even though he knew that he wasnt coming.  i waited hours and rang him but no answer, at that stage i hadn't seen my boy for 3 weeks and for my ex to do that to me on christmas day off all days was so hurtful.  It was the end of January and i got sick of him saying that he will drop him off to me and never show, i thought i was going crazy and that everything was my fault even though it wasn't, thats only because i was still getting emontionally abused his way of having control.  He told me he was dropping him of on thursday for the day so i waited and of course the same stuff happened, i couldnt believe how much i cried that day i dont think i had a ten minute break without crying, so the next day i walked 3ks in the rain to see him and convinced him to let me have him the night and never gave him back and flew to townsville with him on the monday.  Now after all i had been through i was happy and so was my son then it all turned bad again when i got pulled over for a random licence check and was sper suspended which i never knew but the weird thing was that the police officer was asking me why i had this child like i wasnt supposed to have him and at this stage there was no court order so i had every reason to have him cause im his mother, it wasnt like he was mis treated he is and was always looked after, so then the police took me to the station in the back of a car and that was the last time i saw him, as they drove me away and left my boy with the other police officers on the side off the road.. When i got to the police station they informed me that my son was upstairs with cpu, and that he was getting released into foster care for 3 days cause they thought i was unfit to have him.  family services rang my ex and gave him back to him.  because of all thats happened i have 99% chance on getting him back, so they say.  i wanted to share my story with people going through similar stuff and for the people going through emotional abuse all i can say is to stay strong and never let them get the better of you.
krystal87 krystal87
May 24, 2012