My Custody Battle

I am in the middle of fighting for full custody of my 7yr old daughter.her father and I divorced when she was a baby.we agreed on joint custody of our daughter.we were both still very young.I was 17 when I got PG.I was 19 when we divorce.when my daughter was 5 I went to jail for 3days on a misdomenor first an only offence and my ex was doing 3yrs for felony charges so my ex in laws took temp custody of 2008 I got up the money to hire an attorny and got my life straight.we went to mediation and I got every other weekend and then over the past summer I got everyother week with my daughter. Now my ex in laws don't want me to have her at all they want it to go back to everother weekend and that's it.I am not understanding why they don't want me to have her. I have full custody of my 6yrold and I have done everything my attorney has told me to do. I am in a good position to win my case because I am the only parent fighting for her.and the judge we have is very for children being with the parent as long as the parent is not a drug addict.I am just confussed with my ex in laws on why they are fighting this when they know I don't do anything wrong. I work get my kids and come home. I don't have friends I don't go out I don't drink I don't do anything! What's wrong with these people it is killing me emotionally. I love my girls and they are my world. Yea I made mistakes but lord I was 17 when I had her and adulthood and parent hood didn't come with a manuel.
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Thank you so much for the advice.oh it is very hard for me to hold back my emotions when it comes to this custody case.I love my daughter so much she is my world and when I play over in my head loseing her it just kills me but I can't change what happen I just have to keep moving forward and keep doing well.I really need those uplifting words of encouragment and all the advice I can get. Thanks again!