Big Changes

My apartment used to be the garage of a 50 +yr old house.  The guy that convirted it was a complete moron with no style.  I think he used the cheaoest & ugliest products he could find.  I do not have a full bath room or a proper kitchen.  I have a shower open to the rest of the unit and a walled in toilet area with no sink.  My only sink is in the kitchen.  The kitchen has all the right elements but nothing is installed correctly and no lower cabinets.  I have a builder grade laminate counter top held up only by some 2 X 4s.

I have (or rather had my conractor do) replaced the ugly lights,  Properly framed out the patio door that was never finished and a few other small decorating elements.

I am going to install proper kitchen cabinets, new lighting in the kitchen and build a proper bath room.  I am also going to replace the nasty commercial grade carpet with some vinyl flooring.  That will be SO much easer to clean with a long haired dog!!

It is a big project & I will be glad when it is done.

Schwildcat Schwildcat
31-35, F
Apr 20, 2010