Military Life

I am in the Army and have been fo four years. I have been to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait. It's not a bad job and it's very fullfilling when people thank us. You know complete strangers thanking you for keeping them safe. It's a strange feeling as I have always been the "badboy" people stay away from. Yes people have died that I knew and yes I miss them but they believed what I believe. We are doing the right thing for these people in the middle east. It is worht it and we volunteered to be here. I love the military. I am happy to serve and honored to be here.
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3 Responses May 28, 2007

I ship out for basic training in July. :) This inspires me to continue, stay strong, and do it for my country.

ok we got it! who isnt inst in the military? or a military wife?they paid for protecting you yet some civilian want Gizmo to be shut down and all terrorist back in their counties. thats jus more bs that the military have to deal with yet sometimes the military ppl want to give up, but they cant cuz they have a obligation to all the civys sayn thank yous and bs, how bout you agree not to shut down Gizmo. thats how you can help.

The armed services can be salvation for many. My nephew is a career Marine and it has opened up so many possibilities in life for him. If he hadn't joined, he'd be livin' in a podunk logging town getting drunk and disorderly like the rest of the natives.