Best Friends Not Bf/gf

In the begging of 9th grade my bff, "Keri" wanted to know more abt this guy in our class named "Casey". So I was the one to get to know him. Keri had moved away right after I was getting to know Casey. After being around him for a while i fell in love with him and became his only friend, bc he never had any. We were inseperable, and became BFFs. Everyone in my skool though tCasey and I were dating bc I was a girl and he was a guy. I fell more in love with Casey every day. Our junior year in high skool we met a guy named "Todd" and we became super friends. I confessed to Todd that I liked Casey and wanted to know if he liked me back. Todd told me that Casey liked me back! I had asked Casey out right after my 17th birthday. I was on cloud nine for the next few months. We had never kissed and it kinda upsetted me. But Todd, Casey, I and Todd's date went to dinner the night of Prom and Casey had confessed to Todd that he NEVER liked me and just said yes to go out with me so he would still have me as a BFF. Prom was great. Todd told me that Casey was going to kiss me that night. Nothing. Me and Casey spent alot of time alone with each other. We cuddled and watched tv. The week before Father's Day I confessed to Casey I loved him. He had called me on Father's Day while I was at my gramma's telling me he never liked me. But still wanted to go out with me on tuesday in honor of our 6 months together. I was a train wreck. Its been over a month since the break up and I have cried almost every night since then. Its gonna suck wen skool starts. =(
kelliepicklerfan kelliepicklerfan
Jul 27, 2010