A Novel, A Series, And Several Short Stories

     I have been working on several ideas at the same time for twelve plus years, now, and still have yet to finish any one of them.     
     I guess you could say I'm a terrible perfectionist, when it comes to my work. If I'm ever going to get any of my stories out there, I need to get over that, and deal with the problems after it's complete. I hate when I re-read one of my works in progress, I have an idea come to mind that could make the story better, but then, I find something later in the story suffers.     
     I've found that as I'm writing, I'll have scenes from one story enter my mind while I'm in the middle of another scene in the current story I'd be working on. I must say, it does get to be rather frustrating, because, I've had to develop the habit of having several windows open, on my laptop, at once, so that once an idea enters my mind I can try to figure out which story it would go to, and then go to that story.     
     However, as of late, it has become more and more difficult to get anything written, since I have a family to take care of, and bills to pay. I'm also considering going back to school to help focus my skills, so that I might actually be able to get something out there. I'm sure it'll happen someday.
Nightfrost Nightfrost
36-40, M
May 13, 2011