Twist (first Part...more To Come)

Looking back I can never remember a time when Twist was not a part of my life. As a small child I can remember him always looking over me, smiling, and soothing me when I was sad. As an older child I remember him being my playmate when I was alone. He always seemed to be just slightly older than myself, only aging as I did. No one ever seemed to notice his presence but me, but I was okay with that fact; I always thought of him as my imaginary friend.

As time past and I grew from a silly rebellious child, into a goofy rebellious teenager, I would only see my friend in my dreams. He had aged right along side me but I recognized him in every dream. His eyes were always his give away; they were the most vivid shade of green, like the color of the trees in a rainforest. They seemed to twinkle and dance with life. All throughout my young teens I would see him here and there in my dreams. He was always in the background somewhere and would smile when we would make eye contact.
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there is a lot more of this story already written, any input would be's a work in process.