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High school ended and I was on my way to college. I was moving away, and although it saddened my family I was looking forward to the adventure of beginning my adult life. My grandparents had sent me off with two of the most generous gifts I had ever received; a new car (well new to me at least) and they had bought me a little fixer-upper of a house close to campus. The car was an older model Toyota that was great on gas and the house was a modest little two bedroom two bath with a nice gated front yard and a large back yard that was shaded by a massive oak tree. I spent the two weeks before the beginning of my first college semester fixing up the house to make it more “mine” and had even found a roommate, Maggie, a girl that I had met during the weekend I spent touring the campus before the end of school.

Maggie was a shy bookworm of a girl with dull brown hair and big blue eyes. She was sweet and pleasant to talk to when I needed conversation. We had been roomed together during the tour weekend and had instantly became friends. Although shy she was quite funny at times and asking her to move in with me seemed to be a natural fit. She moved her belongings in and got settled the weekend before our first day of orientation, and we spent the rest of the evening eating pizza and discussing our fantasies about how school and campus life would be. Man was I ever wrong about how my life would turn out.
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second of the first part...before you get into dialog that is...