I Would Like To Get A Book Completed.

But i am struggling to find inspiration to get one completed. If there is any one out there who likes to write as well, please tell me ways that you inspire yourself into writing and completing a story that you are proud of. (i don't even care if it's strange).
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http://www.campnanowrimo.org/ It's a free site that challenges you to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Basically get a conflicting idea, a few characters, setting and start writing.

Dont wait for it to pour out of you. I know from experience that when you deliberately wait for some idea to strike, it never does. So just pick up your pen and start writing whatever is there in your heart and mind. Then later on you can sit and edit and think over how to improve what you have written. But first, just let it flow.

That's a great reply. Just writing what comes to mind starts the flow. Another part of your brain is screaming for order and wanting to apply what you're writing to the story that is languishing. Soon, it starts to become ordered and directed back to the plot (even if you don't have one yet), and the "word flow" are thus unblocked.

If you wish to travel the road(s) of creativity you must start the journey. It doesn't matter about the initial direction or the many others you'll take, you first have to turn off the planning and let it happen. Just like warming up, you start by putting words on paper, or a computer screen, or a wall. You never run out of wall, so later it's just a matter of editing.

Writers write. No matter what, you have to sit down and do it on a regular basis. Don't let a project languish. Keep at it. Some days are better than others, that's what editing is about. Other days you find the Zen and it's hard to stop.

I don't know how you write, whether you outline a story or if, like me, I simply tell it. But allowing it to flow requires you be in front of the keyboard. Write what's interesting to you. Don't worry about your reader. You can always delete whole sections if they don't work. But the more you do, the few of those deletions become necessary. Keep at it Publish it yourself on Smashwords and Amazon in digital form. That will cover all the major retailers. It's the people who pay you to write that count, and you'll be surprised how many like the way you think and tell a story. Good luck.
JH Gordon

I LOVE writing. It's my passion, but I too struggle with inspiration. I will have a wonderful idea, but them I will begin to doubt myself by thinking things like
"This is stupid" or "no one else will care about this." And then I stress about finding an agent, and getting published, and about copyright issues. But I have to push all of those things out of my mind, sit down with my favorite drink in a quite place where I can focus, and just write. I don't even care about the mistakes until after, I just write and edit later. If you get frustrated, step away from that project for a while. Then do some research about what you are writing about, listen to some music that would be during that time, and find your own form of inspiration.
I hope I helped my fellow writer:)
I'd love to hear what you are writing about and if my suggestions helped you:)

Xoxo, Luv2Write55