The Giant Secret

This is one of the very first books I've written which is now 98% finished. It took a few year's because I was getting more ideas and create more books for children and teenagers I wasn't really able to get back to my other book. Basically this story is about a baby who was born with parents stuck out in the woods trying to live their lives and survive, the baby loses his parents in a house fire and ends up being adopted by a baby bear. For real, the bear would have just eaten him up, but since this is half made up half real life like, he grows up with a bear. A few year's pass, and as the baby grows up to a child, to his size because he's a giant, he honestly looks like a teenager, but really he's only 8 or 10 year's old. Near by, a young boy hears of these rumors of a giant that lives on top of the highest mountains where they live (yeah the giant lives up there) but since no one has seen the giant in person, they don't know if it's true, only mountain climbers have seen shadows of a human figure that wouldn't go past the fog. The young boy hears of these rumors and his adventure begins when he travels up the mountain, and getting to know the giant more and more, hoping he'll be able to keep his "Giant Secret" until they're best friends. It'll be published when I'm 100% done with it :)
Heylilvelvet Heylilvelvet
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2013