Mi Vida Loca!

My friends and family have often asked me to write the chapters of my life for all to read.  I have, indeed, lived a colorful and varied life filled with love and laughter, heartache and pain.  But no, I will never publish my life for all to read.  I am not a public person ready and willing to share all my emotions and experiences with the world.  There are many experiences I will never share on EP even though my friends have encouraged me and asked for them.

I decided 12 years ago to begin writing my memoir.  It has been an interesting journey through time.  Writing about my heritage and childhood, moving across country and around the world, med school and internship, and my years as an M. E. have brought back fond memories of friendships and sad memories of tearful times.  It brought into focus questions that have plagued me all my life and I have discovered answers I didn't know I possessed.  Writing this book of tales and tidbits from my life has prompted me to get in touch with emotions I have tried to bury over time.  I have  restored long lost friendships and made many new friends I hope I will never lose.

No, I will never publish my memoir for all to see but it has been a wonderful experience and I thank my two sons for talking me into sitting down and writing my book.  It will be my gift to them when I am gone.  There will be chapters that will certainly surprise them and things they will be amazed to know about their little mother, but all in all it will be part of my legacy to them and to my grandchildren.  I hope they will say in the end, "I'm proud of my mother, she did her best to love everyone and treat others fairly and honestly."  And hopefully they will have a few laughs along the way when reading about Mi Vida Loca!

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You are a bad witch! :) Well, as John Lennon said "instant karma's gonna get you" so you don't need to use that spiffy new spell. Haha, and if that doesn't get them then I can always freeze them! I love my little icetray =D

Oh, thanks Miss SC, I appreciate your comments but my book will never see the light of day unless one of my boys or Trooper decides to publish it..... and I told them I would haunt them if they try! I wish everyone would sit down and write the chapters of their life for their children, it's a great experience and we should leave a bit of family history for those who will look back and wonder what "dear old great, great, great granny" was like :) Whew, won't they be surprised!!

LOL, okay, I suppose I could let you see a first draft.... it was ALL good :)

Ooooh, and now you have a new chapter to write!! You KNOW you have to tell what happened after the trooper saw his new room!! **pouting** I still don't think it was fair to toss us out :( haha, but I understand completely. Please tell me I don't have to wait for the book version!!!

Aaw, you are sweet, Kitten. You know, I have decided to at least make one more copy for you and your brother. You are my children now and I wouldn't leave you out. Mwah!

hahaha, I never meant to let anyone but my sons read my life story .... guess I'd better get to printing up some copies and if I do, I will be sure to let you know! Love, J

My dear,i hope you will remember to send me a copy.Can't wait to read it.

hahah, goodness, at this rate I will have to get a publisher or buy my own printing press!

HAHAHA, You may be right, Little Brother, the trooper seems to want to read the ....shall we say, steamier bits! hehehe If I ever put the book into print I promise you a copy! Who knows, I may have to include a few chapters about my EP family! Hmmm.....that should be interesting :)

I hope you will include your cyber-Bro on the list of recipients of your limited-edition book, my darling Sister? You have inspired so many of us here n EP and, no doubt, in the wider world. I just *know* there would be a market for it!<br />
<br />
BTW, I think the good Trooper may have a special interest in several of the more racy chapters of your masterwork. <br />
<br />
Love you!

Aaw, thank you dear trooper. Now I'm just guessing, but bet you don't read the chapters about my exploits doing autopsies over your morning oatmeal hehehe!! Hmmm....I think I have a new chapter title: "How Green Is My Trooper"

You didn't tell me you were writing a book! I want a copy....please? I can't wait to get to those chapters that will "surprise and amaze" haha. You are an amazing little woman, and I'm with Miss Cheeky, you have been to hell and back and lived to tell about it. That book is no doubt filled with wisdom and inspiration for us all. Love, N

Aaww, Cheeky, I have nothing to hide but I'm chicken through and through when it comes to sharing!<br />
Maybe one day...we shall see. I am getting a bit better about sharing things on EP. I bet a book about the life and times of Miss CheekyGeek would be fascinating!! How about it?

Maybe in time you will change your mind. I think there is much wisdom to be shared. You have lived through thing that would have distroyed most people.