The Reason Behind It !!

The reason we are called the Red shoe gang is that some jealous old guy named us that,me apparently being the ringleader!! Its laughable really cos we never did anything to him,he just likes to pretend we are bullies so he can play victim!

More laughable are the people that have joined that aren't even in the red shoe gang which really only has 3 true members ,its fine for members of our circles but who the hell are the others? talk about makin themselves look daft but hey ho!! 


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If the red shoes are spike heels, we're definitely supporters even if we shouldn't be members! :)

i want 2 join..becauze nw i need fwen..couze all dtime im sad.

Jazzy! What is the purpose of this group? I wish to know...xo

Why not post his name then? So all of us may know this fiend....xoxxo