Paranormal Tv Shows

I like to watch all those shows about paranormal stuff like: monster quest, mysteryquest, destination truth, etc. It's all really fascinating to me.

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I believe in this stuff, you say you like those shows, guest what you are chatting with someone that give prediction, this is real, I scare myself sometime when I give prediction, I can look at you and tell you about your life, for example I was in a car rack, I almost killed myself, 3 days after, my dad came to see if I was alright, he been dead for 27yrs. what a experience. 11 prediction later still predicting, people whom know this about me, ask me to tell them about their life ,it don't work that way, you can't ask me question, I have to tell you. another example, you all know this person, tv star , star jones , A few years back , ms. jones came to milwaukee, for a book signing, we had a snow storm coming, that don't mean anything in milwaukee, we get storms all the time there, when I went up to speak with her, I greeted her with a hand shake and when touching her hand , I felt she shouldn't get on that plane to leave milwaukee, wanted to tell her, but I didn't, for the fear that I could be wrong, and I didn't want to scare her,so all that night , I PRAYED she didn't get on that airplane that night, the next day , I heard on the news she couldn't leave milwaukee, because of the storm, I have so many prediction, and could prove them all, ms. jones story came on the news the next day, so her story will be hard to prove, the only one I told was my sister, the other ones I can prove.

New season of Paranormal State...October 17th...cannot wait !!

What's really wacky is experiencing paranormal any personal stories?

believe me, i watch destination truth also. there is a bunch of them that are off the wall but they fascinate me.

I like to watch those shows too! It seems as if I'm always searching for the truth and i'm interested in the paranormal due to strange occurances as a child.