And I Don't Know Where I'm Going

I feel stuck.
Im trying to just accept that I am going through this transition, that it is positive, that I am growing and learning. I feel this, but then I can't help but feel stuck.
Ever since I left my ex 7 months ago I've been going through this. What I like has changed, my taste in things, my behavior, even my personality...
I just wish I knew where I was going. Or, yes, I wish I knew what direction I was going in. I feel like everything is new. Which is great. Its confusing and contridictory. On one hand its good, but on the other I just feel stuck in this feeling of not knowing myself, and having no idea where im going and I cant know where Im going because I dont know what I like.

I dont know if I want to travel. I could. I mean, if I really felt like uprooting my life, and really, its not even a big uproot anymore! I just quit my job, register for school - and travel. I need to go back to school anyway.

I don't know what degree I want. Ive spent 3 years working towards a degree. Now, I want to change it. Do I just suck it up and finish, going part time while working, feeling like im doing something that I dont really want to be doing...though at least Id accomplish more than sitting on my arse, feeling stuck.

I don't even know what I feel. Its the most strange thing to have all these choices and to lliterally not know anything. Take indecisiveness to the next level.

If only I could have some sense of direction.
polkio polkio
26-30, F
Jan 19, 2013