Change- More Normal Than Anything

 There should be one more addition to the line "you can be sure of only two things in life- death and taxes." I wholeheartedly think 'change' should be added to that list.  Death, taxes (even more on the way), and, change.  Did Ben Franklin really have that consistent of a life to not have mentioned it?  Anyway, I am in transition.  Younger woman, newly divorcing, young child, and . . . learning to live with depression.  This experience of divorce has jumped me right in to awareness, and most of all, about my hidden depression I now know I've been suffering for years.  Melancholy eyes, is what one dear person to me calls my face. . .  Extremely sensitive, is what my x refers to me. Just managing each day, is now how I deal with it.  Living on my own, finances are tough, I'm exhausted, work, care for my son. . .  the list goes on and on.  I am thankfully on medication, or I know, I wouldn't be able to function normally. . .  Thats all I have to say, for now. . .  

santamonica santamonica
2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

i know how you feel i just left my boyfriend of eight years some days i feel so free and hopeful but others i feel depressed and overwhelmed. i hope it all works out for you and your child.

hey its like a new job, it takes time to adapt to it, and you'll have a lot of stress about it. But once you get into the groove of what you know. You calm down.