Uh Ohhhh

So I believe my relationships at the office are pretty good. My boss is called dad and the boys are siblings and believe me when I say we fight just like them too. Ah but along with them pulling on my hair while I'm on a phone call or getting into water fights and inappropriate discussions, we also know the teasing boundaries. That means that today when I sent an email to them all about one in particular that said something like "you're messed up deals are the sole reason I'm working late today and will be late to my children's practices.". It was funny, he replied with a funny answer but oh the big man didn't take it as such. Mind you he had been in my office earlier throwing the F word around like nothing but it seems when the girls speak up there is a double standard clause. Needless to say he replied with my comment not being nice yadda yadda so I turned around and replied to all with a sugar sweet (and yes sarcastic) apology. Yeah not such a great idea 'cause he replied again about having a 'talk'. Did I shut up yet? Of course not why would I take a good hint. Nope I replied with lots of words like double standards and how it wasn't fair play and on and on and that if I wasn't a part of the same team that has always joked and been over the top then maybe we should discuss my position and attitude.

GRRR!!! Yes I left in tears but mostly out of just being mad! It pissed me off and tomorrow I get my scolding and so wish I could just call off. Go ahead and scold me but I'm right on this one. My guys all laughed and returned the fun and he was apparently in a mood.

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1 Response Sep 16, 2010

LOL found out my guys went in after I left and yelled at him for being an ***! We had our meeting today but he coward and so I win! Nanny nanny boo boo! He so over reacted!