They Are Definitely Not The Right Fit For You, Bro.

Pull those pants up. You look ridiculous with your *** hanging out of your jeans like that. Look at yourself! You are even starting to walk like an ape, which is your bodies natural way of telling you to stop this nonsense before it stops you.
righteouschica righteouschica
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2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

XD I got a kick out of this, reminds me of a boy that lived across the street from me about 6 years back. He wore his pants just past his buttcheeks and you could see most all of his boxers...I was always thinking "Good God man if you don't wanna wear the pants then just remove them!, it's not like they're covering anything but your knees" >.<

Okay, you are definitely too sweet a young woman for me to make any comments about getting into your pants - Doh! Sorry righteouschica That just slipped out, from now on I will try to keep it in my pants UGH!

Okay, I hope you know that I am only going for the jokes! I would never be like this in real life. Six of my 7 grandchildren are either the same age or older than you! I'm an old guy and it is waaaayyy past my bedtime. I dont want to make you feel uneasy either - well, not too uneasy! read a few of my stories and you will understand that I not only hide my glaring inadequacies behind my sense of humor(and i have many) but if I didnt laugh, I'd spend most of my time crying...

hey, it's completely alright with me. I have a sick sense of humor too so I understand all of that. As long as you don't start showing me pictures of your **** or something we'll be fine :))

Great, I love women with a sick sense of humor! Don't worry about the pictures, I do not roll that way! Besides, my little guy likes his privacy - I think that he's kind of ashamed to show himself, anyway

haha I know what you mean :D Thanks for respecting me, though, means a lot to me! :)