Dating A Cute Japanese Lady

Now, I'm approaching my mid-thirties and have overcome the emotional issues accompanied by becoming incontinent. Plus, losing a significant amount of weight. And, after cycling through a number of women.
I believe I have found a lady that not only accepts me as I am, but I find very attractive. While her English skill is low, I like her cute attempts to speak English. We have been dating for the last four months now. I suspect this will be the absolute best Xmas yet. This winter seems to be much colder than last year. It makes my cute girl want to cuddle closely under the covers of my warm bed.
This is one that may well win the title of wife. However, four months is not long enough for me to determine if she will indeed fulfill the roleā€¦

Lorez Lorez
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Either get a penpal app or go get an English certificate to be able to work there. Who knows, you might meet someone there.