I am dating someone I know I do not want to marry..... Now what? Do I have that conversation? He hasn't proposed so I don't want to mention it but I know if he did the answer would be no. So are we just wasting time together? Should I mention it or just leave it be until the day it actually comes up in conversation ?
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I've been with someone that I'd been desiring less and less to marry and increasingly sure would be the wrong choice to marry. It depends on this VERY important factor: is it a good friendship at the same time, or is he poisonous to ya?

I know the difficulty of taking that step of breaking it off (what horror if I must do so myself!), but I thus learned the hard way that the longer you put off the upcoming breakup, the more difficult it is to do and the worse and messier it will only get. Better sooner than later, I'll say! Hard-earned money spent on him? If so, surely THAT had best stop ASAP (another thing I've wished I'd ended sooner).

Hi just be yourself and enjoy life and he might already be aware anyway you'd be surprised on some peoples knowledge without you being aware they know!

is he incontinent?