I Am Incontinent And Wear Diapers Too

I was hit by a car in 1973 in Itally. When I woke up in the hospital every one assured me that I was fine. About 6 months later while I was in England I started Having seizures and wetting the bed. At the time I had no idea as to what had hapened and for sure could not explain the wet bed. Consequently I ignored it. Then I started being late to work without any reason, and I definatly had no explanation for it.
I got out of the military about 1 year later. Still I had no idea as to what was going on.The very first week at home I had a severe seizure and broke my shoulder. Still I had no explanation as to what had hapened. My mother madee me see a doctor and then go to the hospital. They did a number of xrays and other tests on me at that time. Vome to find out, I had suffered a skull fracture when I was hit by the car in Itally. This was overlooked by the military hospital. They sent me to a neuroligist.
I was finally told what was going on. My seizures was a due yo the head injury. I was then told that the wetting incidents was a result of nerve damage suffered during the accident. I have finally go the seizures under control by medication. The incontinence has only gotten worse over time. I now am wetting myself whenever my bladder decides it wants to let go. I have absolutly no warning or feeling as to when it is about to happen. I started wearing disposable diapers in the late 70s. I got tired of the leaky diapers and got smart and switched to cloth ones in '03, and haven't looked back. Personally you can't beat the comfort and dependabilaty of cloth diapers and good fitting plastic pants. I wear diapers now 24/7. The only place I do not wear a diaper is at the beach.
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56-60, M
Jul 11, 2010