Doctors Like To Push Meds

Doctors sure like to prescribe meds For incontinence even if the patient would rather have them prescribe diapers so their insurance would pay for them. My doctor wanted me to try meds so I tried One For two days and suffered sever side effects some of which speed up heart rate pain in chest ichyness and headaches. So I was able to get an emegency visit the second day. My doc still insisted I take drugs and refused to prescribe diapers. So I went back to one of my preveous doctors and asked her to prescribe the diapers, told her about the bad experiance with med and how I would rather wear diapers. So she prescribed them for me. I am a hard core diaper lover. I started to have leaks again during the day two years ago. As a kid I had leaks during the day time into my early teens. And at night into my mid to late 20s. I was diapered up to the age of seven when I swithed foster homes. The new foster home refused to diaper me no matter how many accidents I had. I think my love for diapers came from being in diapers till I was seven. Anyways I would rather wear diapers for incontinence because I hate meds and I love diapers which is a win win for me.
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Diapers are so taboo and have a stigma, doctors think patients would rather take medicine for their incontinence rather than wearing diapers. Then when they say they would rather wear diapers, it's an alien concept for the doctors.

I know the feeling - nothing tried for leaking (that has been there my whole life, so I never was out of diapers), but within the past 2 years, on top of leaking, I also retain. And I have honestly at least tried all the medications my urologist could offer for the retention. Flow max worked the best as far as more frequent, and more complete bladder emptying, but caused other things not to work at all, a different drug of his gave me hallucinations so bad I believed I WAS in the ER when I was actually in my own bed in my own home, yet another made me sleep all day, still another took an already existing case of Acid Reflux and made it worst. But this guy keep wanting to push medication....If need be, just cath more times a day (I do that 3 times a day now), but (I do measure it every time I cath, and keep a written record of it, urologist sees that too) I an not retaining enough to be supper concerned about it - it can hit as high as 600 cc - BUT, that is extremely RARE, my average retention readings are 200-300cc.