Botox Treatment For Incontinence

Hi I suppose I had better sign off this group for a while as I am no longer incontinent having had botox treatment for the bladder about a month ago. The incontinence had gradually been getting worse and I had tried a variety of anticholinergic drugs which either did not work too well or caused side effects. Oxybutyin affected my memory really badly, tolterondine made my heart rate increase and gave me some anxiety. The best of them was darifenacin but even this was only partly effective and causes some side effects especially dry mouth and gastric retention. The botox treatent can now be done under local anaesthetic in the hospital endoscopy department. The local anaesthetic gel is inserted via a syringe into the urethra amd thence to the bladder. The endoscopist then inserts a thin tube though which the injections of botox are administered. About 20 small injections are made in different areas of the bladder wall. These feel like small bee stings and whilst the procedure is uncomfortable I would not say it was much worse that say a visit to the dentist - but much higher on the indignity stakes! The botox takes a week or more to take full effect and the procedure itself leaves the bladder somewhat irritated for 24 hours or so. I no longer need to take any tablets nor use any incontinence pads normally though I have put in some protection if I have been going out on trip where I am unsure if there will be a toilet. The big downside though has been urinary retention and anyone considering this treatment should be aware that whilst the incontinence can be cured, the reverse problem can arise of not being able to empty the bladder properly. This can lead to urine infection, kidney damage and at worst sepsis. I have had two urinary tract infections and I am now having to take a low dose antibiotic each night as a preventative. I have also to self-catheterize to empty the bladder completely morning and evening which is also a pest. But as a lady from Leeds commented on the Bladder and Bowel Foundation forum - better this that sit on a wet pad all day. I suppose she has a point . The botox will wear off in a number of months but I doubt if the urologist will sanction the botox again because of the retention. Time will tell. So if you are thinking of having this treatment bear all this in mind. Best regards.
mikey2012 mikey2012
56-60, M
Jul 25, 2010