Adult Nappie Wearer

Well i am 46yrs old and yes i need to wear a nappie 24/7 now,this is due to nerve damage caused by diabeties it did take a bit of getting used to needing to wear a nappie at my age,but i would rather use one and stay dry than be wet.
I not only need them for night time,for i also need them for during the day as well,and as i am a heavy wetter i need to change myself around 6 times a day,and even wearing one at night i wet so heavy that i normaly wake up every morning with my bed wet as well,it is a bit of an embarasment for my wife to see me in a nappy as well,but she understands why i need to wear them and has been realy great about it.

When i first had to wear them i as worried about going outside as i was sure everyone would be able to tell that i was wearing a nappy,and that everyone would be looking at me,as i needed to wear it to stay dry,but i soon relised that no one could tell that i had one on and at least i was able to get out of the house without wetting myself,and then i would have everyone staeing at me because of that,so for me they have not only let me get some sort of life back,they have also given me my freedom back again,as i do not feel anything coming away from me.

If only people would just see that not every adult who wears a nappy,is not soing it for any sort of fun or fantasy,but that some people realy do need to wear them for medical reasons,i did need to get over the embarrasing fact of having to go to my GP when i was wearing a nappy,but when i did see him and he asked to have a look down there,he did say to me not to worry as he had seen lots of people of all ages who need to wear them,and it was nothing to him to see anyone wearing one.

so if you need to wear a nappy then dont be worried about anyone knowing that you need to wear one,and if they do find out just let them know that you need it for a good reason,and if they cant live with that fact,then they realy do have a problem not you.
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I find it very interesting how everyone is so self-conscious about others... Why is it that everyone believes that others "know" what they are wearing or doing...<br />
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But once everyone gets over themselves, then they move on and continue on. I can understand your situation. I, too, have a medical need for incontinence products. <br />
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Everyone, myself included, goes through a period where they have to realize that no one else cares that you may be in diapers. For as long as you don't make a big deal of them and don't force them into others faces', no one will care.