Dotors Part 2

Growing up incontinet by my mid teens and having a problem 24/7 both ways my parents are realy getting fed up with it and tried every thing from the normal doctors to beatings and embarrassing me so now desperate we now are going to every doctors shrinks anybody who says they can help . some i did'nt realize at the time were getting paid for me to be there plaything .i had 1 who was supposed to specpicalize in this feild allhe was ever interesed in was i clean and dry or wet & dirty either way i end up naked taking my tempature rectaly givng enmas lay on a open diaper till i wet and messit with him watching used to say he had make sure i was.nt straining or any thing like that we had overnight studies for the bedwetting issuses and that when i was interdouced to other boys about my age and things happened two boys changing each others diapers now i wish i could go back
66-70, M
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At the time it was no picnic I knew nothing about sex being gay ,bi, or straight all I knew is that boys my age don't wet & mess themselves and I was tried of all the beating I was getting and all the embarrassment from it .now many years later I'm a diaper lover and bisexual

Wish I'd have had another boy change my nappy - but then I wasn't allowed nappies after the age of 5 or 6 !