Going A Trip To The In-laws To Canada On A Airplane Continued Part 3

So now we both are sitting down waiting for the plane to move to the runway and this is my first time on a airplane so I'm nervous so I'm leaning back sucking on my bottle and biting my nipple at the same time and my wife is yelling at me to stop biting my babybottles nipple because otherwise I will put a hole in it larger then their is.So I stop biting the nipple and start sucking on the nipple and start drinking my Apple juice and then the plane starts to move and I start waning and whimpering and my wife calms me down saying it's ok don't worry everythings going to me fine drink your bottle and close your eyes and try not to think about it, so I start sucking harder and harder and everybody that's around us is all looking over and watching me drink my bottle and see me so frightened, now I see then looking at me and I start wetting my diapers I swear I could stop peeing I must of peed for minutes and the look on my face was like everybody knew what I was doing one person said to my I think your big baby is do something in his diapers, so after I filled my diapers I relaxed and fell asleep.The next thing I remember is landing in Canada in Ontario, so now we go downstairs to pick up our baggage while I'm carring my diaper bag now we get our baggage and head out side the airport and my in-laws are out front to pick us up instead of us taking a cab, so my father-in-law puts all the baggage into the car along with
my diaper bag and he starts smiling as he puts the diaper bag in the trunk.Now we start talking about our plane ride and my mother in -law ask me if I was ok a the plane and I said I was scared at first then when we were in the air I relaxed drink my bottle and then I wet myself and fell asleep, then my wife said as soon as we get to my parents house I have to change you, and then right after my wife said that her mother said that she has our room already for us, then my wife ask where are we sleeping her mother said your room, now we reach her parents house and it's huge then my wife takes me to her bedroom lays me down on her bed and I could hear the crinkling coming from the mattress and feels the sheets and she feel the rubber under the fitted sheet and there was a diaper pail on the side of the bed so now my wife starts to undress me removing my shoes and my pants and she's just about to unsnap my oneies and her mother comes in and asked her if everything is ok and if she needed anything then my wife replied no mom I just want to get these soaking wet diapers off Al so he don't end up with a diaper rash then her said ok honey I put a diaper pail next to the bed for your convenience ok thank you mom now my wife is removing my rubber pants and their soaking wet too and she slips them off me and puts them in the diaper pail unpins all 4 diaper pins slides all 5 wet diapers out from under me
and puts them in the diaper pail and her mother says to her daughter I remember when I use to put that many diapers on you then my wife grabs a baby wipe and starts wiping my groin and my butt and again her mom saying there are more baby wipes in your wardrobe along with powders and lotions then my wife said ok mom please go so I could finish dispersing my baby husbands diapers we'll be down in a minute for lunch now remember Alex eats all solid foods but it has to be soft because he don't have teeth then her mom said she knows then her mom asked if she had any bottles to put into the refrigerator my wife replied they need to be filled would you fill then for me her mom said yes she will one milk, one Apple juice, and one cranberry juice right yes mom then my wife takes my babybottles out of my diaper bag and hands them to her mom, now my wife takes out 3 cloth prefolds diapers from the diaper bag along with a fresh pair of rubber pants and a clean oneie
and slides the diapers under me rubs baby lotion on me then powders me along with my diapers pins me up slides my rubber pants on me and over my
diapers puts my oneie on me and we go downstairs and over to the kitchen and she sits me at the kitchen in the high chair at the table ties a bib on me and then she opens a jar of baby food and starts to feed me then after I'm done eating she gets a babybottle of milk out of the refrigerator hands me it and walks me over to the living room and puts me in the playpen I then lay down and suck on my bottle and fall asleep. ( TO BE CONTINUED)
diapermouse diapermouse
51-55, M
Dec 14, 2012