Weight Problems and Incontinence

Hi. I'm Jen and I have always been very big but have lost a lot of weight recently.

Due to my size, I have always had a weak bladder and often miss getting to the toilet on time.  At the moment I wear protective pants to try and avoid anything too embarrasing happening, but I hate them.

I haven't had a dry night in months. I can't stand this anymore, I'm only 20.

Does anyone have any tips?

jen200920 jen200920
4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Hi please add me and maybe you can email me sometime at a.guy12345678@gmail.com just to chat if you want it would be nice to talk to someone

the only solution is to WEAR DIAPERS and beleive me you will grow to like wearing and using diapers like i have

I have very few dry nights now and usually wear nappies and plastic pants at night. It must be terrible if all you want is to be dry at night. I really hoe things get better for you. Curiously around your age was the only time I was ever truly dry at night. I was back to wetting my bed by the time I was in my mid twenties and have wet on and off ever since. I have only limited day time control now and accept that I will probably be incontinent as I get older. My advice to you is don't worry too much and as long as you practice good personal hygene it shouldn't be a problem.

Im sorry jen im rather new to this as well maybe together we can work through it