36 and Scared

It seems like my body is falling apart at times.  I hear people say your young and that they wished they were my age if they only knew how that makes me feel.

     Six years ago i was diagnosed with diabetes and there it started.  I noticed that i had to potty more often just never gave in any thought.  Then the night accedents started and became an everynight thing.   One day on the way home from work I had an accenent i was so embarassed and thankfull i was going home.  I ran inside hopeing no one would notice i was home (neighbors you know).  I decided to go to the bathroom then on a regular basis if I needed to or not.   I have reached the point where it just happens no notice nothing so I have decided to use diapers on a 24/7 schedual this was my first day and I was so nervouse and don't know how i am going to deal.  I was worried all day that someone i work with would notice thank goodness it was a 4 hr shift. I hope others can give me some streanghth I never thought i would have to do this 24/7

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Looks like there has already been some good advice for this post. I'd reiterate that basically noone ever notices that you're wearing a diaper. I've worn them for years and if anyone has noticed, they've never mentioned it. On that topic too, everyone I've ever told about my incontinence and diapers has accepted it. . . i've never had a negative reaction from anyone, including friends, girlfriends, ect. <br />
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Some of what's already been said echos things I've said in other posts. . . its so much better to wear the protection you need than to agonize over accidents. Once you work out the particulars, like which products to use, and how to carry spares, where to change, etc, diapers actually set you free in alot of ways. You can resume normal activities, reconnect with friends, and start enjoying life again instead of worrying all the time about your bladder. I think someone already said it here, but it gets so much easier over time. Eventually you're so comfortable with it that the only time you think about being in a diaper is when you need to change it, and even that becomes less and less stressful as you get used to it. I swear you really wont be wound up like a spring about it forever.

Once you get used to be safe and dry on the outside and wear ing diapers out of necessity, it really won't matter who knows.