How I Became Incontinent

Hi, I'm Laetitia, from France. So, sorry for my awful english...

To be honest, as long I remember, I always wet the bed. But I didn't have bladder problems durring the day.

One day, I was 9 years old, I slided in a stair and broke my neck and had "brain traumatism".  After few monthes of coma, I discovered I was unable to control my limbs and my bladder...

I still now quadriplegic, and incontinent. It isn't as terrible as it seem. I wear protections and no one can notice I can't control my bladder. I don't feel the need. It "just happens"....

The "bad side" of my condition is I can't change myself, and, I have sometimes "accidents" when my diaper leak. I let you imagine how ashame I feel....

The "good side" is I never have to look for toilets and I don't care how dirty is it lol. In fact, most of toilets can't be used easily by wheelchair users.

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i share some of your issues, would love to friends

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Instead of wearing a diaper give the Foley catheter a thought, I am also incontinent due to a stroke. For the last 3 weeks I am training myself to use a Foley cath. I have been using intermitted cath for over 2 years right now.